Cultivating the Soil to Heal the Spirit.

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Our community gardens are open to all Veterans, Active Duty Military and residents of the communities where they are located.

The vision of Growing Healthy Veterans is simple: creating spaces where Veterans and Active Duty Military and their families can heal from traumas that often lead to isolation, drug or alcohol abuse, and suicide while finding the camaraderie of being with others who have a greater understanding of their experiences.

Our gardens also offer them the healing from working with the soil growing healthy food for themselves and their communities. In addition, by having the gardens open to members of the local communities, Veterans can begin the process of reintegrating into society.

Growing Healthy Veterans is committed to providing programs to assist Veterans both within and outside the VA that can be replicated across the Country.

Studies have shown that working with the soil and growing living plants are extremely therapeutic for veterans suffering from war-related disorders, Growing Healthy Veterans programs and projects will help to provide that healing.

There is also the added advantage that our Country needs a million new farmers, so our training will help to provide Veterans with various employment opportunities in sustainable agriculture.

Our core programs are rooted in Cultivating the Soil to Help Heal the Spirit from which we layer on additional horticultural therapy and holistic wellness programs that first and foremost serve Veterans in need but can also benefit all Veterans, Active Duty Military and their families as well as civilians and their communities.

The Board of Growing Healthy Veterans is sad to announce the passing of its co-founder, Lukan Paulus. Our hearts and prayers go to everyone that Lukan has touched as that number will never truly be known. We ask that you keep his family in your prayers in this hard time.

Please join Growing Healthy Veterans and the community for a Celebration of the Life of Lukan Paulus.

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