Growing Healthy Veterans service carries on in tribute to the organization’s co-founder Lukan Paulus.

David Jon Lukan Paulus, age 51, passed away unexpectedly and peacefully on September 9, 2021 at his home in Wheeling.

Lukan was born on Guam on September 27, 1969 while his parents Ellen Ewing and David Paulus, who survive him, were serving in the Peace Corps on the island of Yap.

Lukan was widely known for his dedicated volunteer work with homeless people in Lake County and as co-founder of Growing Healthy Veterans, a not-for-profit that established community gardens in North Chicago and Gurnee to encourage veterans and active military to engage in vegetable gardening as a healthy and therapeutic activity. Participants included Veterans at the Lovell Health Care Center and from the Lake County Veterans Court program.

Lukan received his B.A. from Evergreen State College and certifications in Sustainable Agriculture from the College of Lake County and in Horticultural Therapy at the Chicago Botanical Garden.

David Jon Lukan Paulus

As a kindred spirit, Lukan and I and Lukan’s mom Ellen Ewing, started GHV. Through this, he dedicated himself to all veterans. No matter what status, branch, current or past trials and tribulations.

It was an honor to serve by his side as he served our nation’s veterans. And so many others.

Lukan, I will miss you, as will the lives you have touched. Including mine.
Marshall Fox
Co-Founder, Growing Healthy Veterans and Friend

Marshall Fox and Lukan Paulus