The Response to Growing Healthy Veterans efforts has been tremendous.

At the North Chicago Commons Harvest Festival, the Mayor told the crowd that North Chicago Commons is “one of the best things that has happened in North Chicago in a long time.”

One of the recreational therapists from the Lowell Federal Health Care Center said she is “very grateful for the Growing Healthy program”. She said that veterans have told her “how peaceful they feel when they come to work in the garden.” She feels that the number of veterans that continue to come to the garden after their program at the FHCC ends attests to the program’s importance.

North Chicago Commons

Congressman Brad Schneider attended the Hoop House Raising and helped to pound into the ground many of the metal pipes that support the hoops. He spoke of the importance of what Growing Healthy Veterans is doing in his newsletter.

Also, the Judge and the Probation Officer of the Lake County – Veteran’s Treatment Court (LCVTC) are actively encouraging veterans in their program to work with Growing Healthy Veterans for their community service.

The Mission of the LCVTC is to promote public safety while supporting eligible veterans and their families through a coordinated effort among veteran’s services, community services, and the Court to leave no eligible veteran behind. Learn more

Congressman Schiender